Sentence Examples

  • The edges are then separated till they are tangent to the opposite limbs of the disk of the planet to be measured, or till they respectively bisect two stars, the angle between which is to be determined.
  • For this purpose it is only necessary to direct the telescope to some distant object, bisect that object with the movable wire, and read the number of revolutions and parts of a revolution of the screw; now reverse the micrometer box 180° and repeat the observation; the mean of the two readings will be the point required.
  • To test this parallelism the single web must be made to bisect the images of both components simultaneously, as in fig.
  • In measuring differences of declination, where the stars are brought up by the diurnal motion, this precaution cannot be adopted, because it is necessary always to bisect the preceding star with the fixed web.
  • Broad, and containing woo lines, and consider the effect of interpolating an additional moo lines, so as to bisect the former intervals.

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