Sentence Examples

  • (9) At the point where a line of force intersects the perpendicular bisector of the axis r=r'=r o, say, and cos 0 - cos 0 obviously =l/r o, l being FIG.
  • If the centre of S'N' is on the perpendicular bisector of SN, 0 = Zir, and the couple will be MM 'cos cp/r 3, (20) tending to increase 4); this is the " broadside on " position.
  • Bisector, from bi-, two, secare, to cut), in geometry, the same as bisector, i.e.
  • A point which divides a line, or a line which divides an angle, into two equal parts; in crystallography it denotes the bisector of the angle between the optic axes.
  • If now a line be drawn from A to the bisector H of the side BC, it will meet the vertical through G in I and IJ =c(cos a+a sin a)/ur.

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