Sentence Examples

  • If AA' be bisected at C, and the line BCB' be drawn perpendicular to AA', then it is readily seen that the curve is symmetrical about this line also; since if we take S' on AA' so that S'A' =SA, and a.
  • The best marked of the basins so formed (the Congo basin) occupies a circular area bisected by the equator, once probably the site of an inland sea.
  • The line j oining the end knife edges must be exactly bisected by a line drawn perpendicular to it from the fulcrum knife-edge.
  • Parallel and are bisected by the same vertical line; and a parabola with vertical axis can therefore be described through A, B, C, D.
  • When the star enters the field of view its image is approximately bisected by the spider web of the micrometer n, the exact bisection being completed in the immediate neighbourhood of the meridian.

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