Sentence Examples

  • This floor, bisected by a hall and stairs, contained a living room or parlor on the right, or southern side, and a dining room and kitchen on the left, with the Deans' private quarters, a sitting room-office combination and bedroom, located in the rear.
  • At this spot, a bridge spanning the Uncompahgre River bisected the two main climbing sections that extended almost a mile.
  • To measure distances with the Fraunhofer micrometer, the position-circle is clamped at the true position-angle of the star, and the telescope is moved by its slow motions so that the component A of the star is bisected by the fixed wire; the other component B is then bisected by the web, which is moved by the graduated head S.
  • Next the star B is bisected by the fixed web and A by the movable one.
  • Thus the fixed wire can be set exactly on star A by the screw s, while star B is simultaneously bisected by the movable wire, or vice versa, without disturbing the reading for coincidence of the wires.

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