Sentence Examples

  • We take out log 2 from the table, halve it, and then find from the table the number of which this is the logarithm.
  • There halve also come to light remains of a great domed mortuary chamber of primitive construction containing relics of the Early Minoan period (Halbherr, Monumenti Antichi, xiii.
  • Of more general interest are: Eene halve Eeuw, 1848-1898, edited by Dr P. H.
  • Gerhardt found that reactions could be best followed if one assumed the molecular weight of an element or compound to be that weight which occupied the same volume as two unit weights of hydrogen, and this assumption led him to double the equivalents accepted by Gmelin, making H= 1, 0 =16, and C = 12, thereby agreeing with Berzelius, and also to halve the values given by Berzelius to many metals.