Sentence Examples

  • But Henry VII.'s accumulations had disappeared; parliament resisted in 1523 the imposition of new taxation; and the attempts to raise forced loans and benevolences in1526-1528created a storm of opposition.
  • Henry's chancellor, Cardinal Morton, archbishop of Canterbury, was the traditional author of a method of raising money by benevolences known as "Morton's Fork."
  • This was the last time benevolences were actually collected, although in 1622 and 1625 it was proposed to raise money in this manner.
  • When the resources drawn from confiscations were exhausted, he raised benevolences forced gifts extracted from men of wealth by the unspoken ~ threat of the royal displeasureinstead of applying to parliament for new taxes.
  • Charles was willing to surrender his claims to billet soldiers by force, to order the execution of martial law in time of peace, and to exact forced loans, benevolences, or any kind of taxation, without consent of parliament; but he protested against the demand that he should surrender the right to imprison without showing cause.

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