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  • But Henry VII.'s accumulations had disappeared; parliament resisted in 1523 the imposition of new taxation; and the attempts to raise forced loans and benevolences in1526-1528created a storm of opposition.
  • Sought to emulate his brother's example, protests were made which led to the passing of an act of parliament in 1484 abolishing benevolences as "new and unlawful inventions."
  • Henry's chancellor, Cardinal Morton, archbishop of Canterbury, was the traditional author of a method of raising money by benevolences known as "Morton's Fork."
  • This was the last time benevolences were actually collected, although in 1622 and 1625 it was proposed to raise money in this manner.
  • When the resources drawn from confiscations were exhausted, he raised benevolences forced gifts extracted from men of wealth by the unspoken ~ threat of the royal displeasureinstead of applying to parliament for new taxes.

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