Sentence Examples

  • Berry's previous marriages, to major league baseball player David Justice and musician Eric Benet, both ended in divorce.
  • Halle met second husband Eric Benet at a 1999 premiere party for Introducing Dorothy Dandridge.
  • So no go on the 'grassy knoll' or Jon Benet Ramsey?
  • Of France to Haakon VI.; he made himself so agreeable to the Norwegian sovereign that he was invited, a little later, to superintend the reformation of the Benedictine monastery of St Benet Holme at Trondhjem.
  • Cornhill, again, recalls the cornmarket " time out of mind there holden " (Stow), and Gracechurch Street was corrupted from the name of the church of St Benet Grasschurch (destroyed by the great fire, rebuilt, and removed in 1868), which was said to be derived from a herb-market held under its walls.