Sentence Examples

  • But the two generals were equally averse to a contest a outrance, which could only end in civil war.
  • But the captain, having some unusual reason for believing that rare good luck awaited him in those latitudes; and therefore being very averse to quit them, and the leak not being then considered at all dangerous, though, indeed, they could not find it after searching the hold as low down as was possible in rather heavy weather, the ship still continued her cruisings, the mariners working at the pumps at wide and easy intervals; but no good luck came; more days went by, and not only was the leak yet undiscovered, but it sensibly increased.
  • Society has become so much more risk averse over the last 20 years.
  • The extent that the precautionary principle is applied in the E.U. might lead to a more risk averse culture than the US.
  • One is a " more risk averse society " in which those in charge of children in particular are quicker to ring 999.

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