Sentence Examples

  • In spite of being a mediocre athlete at best, Dean had thrived on sports.
  • Her assistant, Gerry, looked like a college athlete with a huge, bright grin, blond hair and friendly hazel eyes.
  • He was the first English monarch to be educated under the influence of the Renaissance, and his tutors included the poet Skelton; he became an accomplished scholar, linguist, musician and athlete, and when by the death of his brother Arthur in 1502 and of his father on the 22nd of April 1509 Henry VIII.
  • The beggars' depots are "exclusively devoted to the confinement of persons whom the j udicial authority shall place at the disposal of the government" for that purpose, and these are classified as (a) able-bodied persons who, instead of working for their living, depend upon charity as the Romans, as is shown by an abundance of objects unearthed by excavation, amongst which may be mentioned a fine statue of an athlete (the Diadumenos) in the British Museum.
  • The whole system of methodical exercises was started by Ling in Sweden, but it has been developed to a large extent for the purpose of increasing muscular strength by the professional athlete Sandow.