Sentence Examples

  • The key to finding a catalog is to think outside the box much as the majorette uniform has been re-thought to highlight the athleticism of the body, as well as the dance and movement formations that are performed.
  • Whereas college cheerleading focuses on great athletic feats and stunts, professional NFL cheerleading is rather limited in the athleticism but, instead, promotes personality and community efforts.
  • Sporty style: There is also a hint of athleticism with this type of bottom because it mimics a small short, making swim activities a little easier when compared to bikini bottoms.
  • When reading great cheerleading quotes, remember that the silly tongue-in-cheek wordplay functions as a cheerleading accessory, worn on top of sheer athleticism and heart.
  • Contestants are judged on SI's criteria of personality, beauty and athleticism, as they participate in various photo shoots designed to put them through the paces.