Sentence Examples

  • While the freestyle swimming technique actually refers to any unregulated swim stroke during the course of competition, many people use this term as a substitute for the front crawl since it's the most widely used freestyle stroke.
  • For those who have never heard of the brand, the selections listed here serve as an excellent introduction to the company's outstanding features while showcasing the cream of the Freestyle crop.
  • When you want to try all manner of wicked and wild moves on the surfboard, you need a good pair of freestyle board shorts to let you do whatever you want while feeling completely unencumbered.
  • Norwegian Cruise Line: The relaxed freestyle cruising atmosphere aboard Norwegian's ships is perfect for families with multiple children who need greater flexibility with their vacation plans.
  • This sequel to EA Sports' best selling basketball game uses a new version of EA Sports' Freestyle Control system as well as improved player graphics, improved transitions and highlight reels.