Sentence Examples

  • If you are interested in learning freestyle or backcountry skiing, keep in mind that while they use some different techniques, each of these styles is based on the basics of alpine skiing.
  • Crawl or freestyle: It may not be the most exciting activity to swim the length of a pool from one end to the other, but this is a straightforward workout that's good for the entire body.
  • Because the front crawl is often considered the fastest, most swimmers opt for it during the freestyle leg of a race, but swimmers can also choose to dog paddle or side stroke.
  • If you just want high-quality shorts that allow for maximum movement even though they weren't specifically designed for freestyle work, consider Quiksilver's eco board shorts.
  • The show features freestyle motocross rider Travis Pastrana and a group of his friends, who are all out to try some of the most dangerous stunts they can put together.