Sentence Examples

  • Sure, he said her lifestyle appealed to him, but was that because it was something new?
  • She was unguarded and troubled, a combination that appealed to the Guardian in him.
  • He appealed to the hope of the Habsburgs, "our beloved Archduke Francis Joseph," to perpetuate the ancient glory of the dynasty by meeting half-way the aspirations of a free people.
  • Rienzi's power, however, was recognized in Naples, whence both Queen Joanna and her bitter foe, King Louis of Hungary, appealed to him for protection and aid, and on the 15th of August he was crowned tribune with great pomp, wreaths of flowers being placed on his head.
  • They upheld the cause of the people against the moneyed interests, but the charge was often brought that they appealed to the baser passions.

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