Sentence Examples

  • The fact that she was uninterested only enticed him further.
  • Fred spent most of Sunday in his room either read­ing or playing with his notes until Dean had enticed him out by the smell of two steaks slapped on the outside grill.
  • She enticed him in a way he wasn't expecting and lived through handling the gem at his neck.
  • But on 9th November the European situation was suddenly modified by the formation of the Gambetta cabinet, and, in view of the policy of revenge with which Gambetta was supposed to be identified, it became imperative for Bismarck to assure himself that Italy would not be enticed into a Francophil attitude by any concession Gambetta might offer.
  • The hero Cuchulinn has returned from the land of the fairies after having been enticed thither by a fairywoman named Fand, whom he is now unable to forget.

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