Sentence Examples

  • This person hooked Nick up with a manager, who not only helped the youngster make an album, but also got him extensive work on Broadway, performing in plays such as Les Miserables, Annie Get Your Gun and Beauty and The Beast.
  • It is quite common for children who do not have autism to display one or two of the behaviors listed above, but if your youngster displays a number of these symptoms, a professional evaluation is your best course of action.
  • If you were to sit a youngster down and tell him or her that you are discussing issues related to safety, whether it is in the summer or for a different time of year, the child may be less than enthusiastic.
  • Features - When a youngster is learning to tell the time and has his first watch, it is important that he is able to focus on the time rather than getting distracted with lots of other features.
  • A youngster who has handled staying at the home of someone she knows well may still have reservations about going to a location where the camp counselors and fellow campers are strangers to her.