Sentence Examples

  • Many ships are wrecked and the sailors are drowned.
  • Many ships have been wrecked on the jagged reefs which fringe their base.
  • He explained how he'd tossed the liquor bottle he found at the site of the wrecked Jeep.
  • This was at once followed by an anti-ministerial fusion of the extremists of all parties, including seceders from the government (known as the T C Constitutional party); and when the diet reassembled, the opposition broke into the House by force and wrecked all the furniture, so that a session was physically impossible (Jan.
  • 18 a wrecked vessels, cut if off from direct access to the sea; but through Manzanillo it continued a great clandestine traffic with Curacao, Jamaica, and other foreign islands all through the 17th and 18th centuries.