Sentence Examples

  • He returned to the wilds of Judah, and was joined at Adullam 5 by his father's house and by a small band of outlaws, of which he became the head.
  • It is of comparatively small size, but is of some importance in the wilds of the Canadian dominion, where it is found to the northern limit of tree-vegetation growing up to at least 69°; the slender trunks yield the only useful timber of some of the more desolate northern regions.
  • Thus was begun the Second Crusade, 1 under auspices still more favourable than those which attended the beginning of the First, seeing that kings now took the place of knights, while the new crusaders would no longer be penetrating into the wilds, but would find a friendly basis of operations ready to their hands in Frankish Syria.
  • The young Genevans failed in business, passed a severe winter in the wilds of Maine, and returned to Boston penniless.
  • Of existing species the bear, wild-boar, badger, roe-deer and chamois may occasionally be seen in the remotest wilds of mountain and forest.