Sentence Examples

  • A very cheap computer most likely will not have the higher processing speed and graphics resolution to play the newest games, nor will it have a webcam, microphone, and other gadgets necessary for video conferencing.
  • What is news is the fact that this woman who was incoherently mumbling to her webcam not so long ago, somehow, maybe by some sort of voodoo magic, landed herself a billionaire.
  • All material is presented, whenever possible, in a live format, with streaming lectures, interaction between professors via webcam and chat, and classroom discussions through chats and forums.
  • So of course, she announces the engagement on Ustream and dangled, what many are referring to as fake, a reported 17-carat diamond engagement ring in front of that webcam she loves so much.
  • Physical characteristics are described, interests listed, and if they match with what you're looking for, you have the opportunity to contact the person through a live webcam chat.