Sentence Examples

  • Nikolas Cassidine (Laura's son with Stavros Cassidine) is considered a member of the family as is Elizabeth Webber (by marriage to Lucky) and her two sons Cameron Webber (with Zander Smith) and Jake Spencer (with Jason Morgan).
  • Xxiv.; Webber, The Development of the Antherozoids of Zamia, Bot.
  • Webber is prominently associated, and a full discussion of methods and results will be found in his various papers in the Year-books of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
  • Year After Webber, 1902.
  • Mr Webber, in summing up, says, " When Sea Island cotton was first introduced into the United States from the West Indies, it was a perennial plant, unsuited to the duration of the season of the latitude of the Sea Islands of S.