Sentence Examples

  • In early life he was a weaver, hence the punning description of him as Weevir, rex philosophorum.
  • The weaver, the fuller, the armourer, the potter, the shoemaker were told exactly how to do their own work.
  • It lies on the river Weaver, in the upper part of its flat, open valley.
  • His father was a poor weaver, and the expenses of his early education were paid by one of his godfathers.
  • Besides these, three or perhaps four groups, though widely distributed throughout the world, arrive in the Australian region at their culmination, presenting an abundance of most varied forms. These are the weaver-birds (Ploceidae), and the moreporks (Podargidae), but especially the kingfishers (Alcedinidae) and the pigeons (Columbidae), the species belonging to the two last obtaining in this region a degree of prominence and beauty which is elsewhere unequalled.