Sentence Examples

  • The public relations possibilities that are associated with blogging and internet connections include the 44th president of the United States transferring his radio show to a weekly webcast and a regularly updated White House blog.
  • Romantic weddings abroad have a unique appeal for many couples, and even if they can't have everyone there to celebrate their nuptials, they can have the ceremony taped or webcast to bring everyone along on their exotic getaway.
  • The idea of the iCarly webcast show is simple: Carly's performance at the talent show is put online and is loved by the Internet community, as told in the iCarly book iHave a Web Show!
  • More than Memories Video Webcast: This bi-monthly program is relatively new, but promises to be a great resource for card making and paper crafting enthusiasts.
  • In 2000, Victoria's Secret ran a benefit campaign, associated with a webcast, which raised more that three million dollars for an AIDS charity.