Sentence Examples

  • That said, it was quite the impressive machine at the time: an ARM60 32-bit RISC CPU, a pair of video co-processors, the ability to play audio and video CDs, and the possibility of using up to eight controllers at once, to name but a few.
  • CD Player: Connecting a portable CD player to your car's in-dash audio system using either a bluetooth wireless connection or a cable and adaptor allows you to listen to CDs when you're in the car and remove the player when you're not.
  • According to paranormal investigator David Vacknitz of A.P.A.R.T. of WA, EVPs are typically obtained on digital audio recorders not during formal question and answer sessions, but when investigators are walking around the site talking.
  • Oftentimes you can check the appropriate size in your automobile's user manual, but if you can't find the information there, most shops that sell car audio equipment will have a catalog or some other resource to help you on your way.
  • While kids are normally able to follow along with a visual aid when watching TV or a movie, listening to an audio book isolates the sense of hearing and encourages kids to focus concentration and really listen to what's being read.