Sentence Examples

  • Baron de Reiffenberg, Le Chevalier au cygne et Godfrey de Bouillon (Brussels, 2 vols., 1846-1848), in Mon.
  • See James Sully, Pessimism: A History and a Criticism (1877); Caro, Le Pessimisme au xix e siecle (1878); Saltus, The Anatomy of Negation (1886); Tulloch, Modern Theories on Philosophy and Religion (1884); William James, The Will to Believe; Duhring, Der Werth des Lebens (1865); Meyer, Weltelend and Weltschmerz (1872); E.
  • Mairey, La France et s2s colonies au debut du XX~ sIcle, which has numerous biblio.graphies (Paris, 1909); J.
  • " The phrase was seized upon and made a party name, and it became the fashion for patriots to wear beggar's garb and a medal round the neck, bearing Philip's image on one side and a wallet on the other, with two hands crossed, and the legend Fideles au roi jusqu'd la besace.
  • En France au xixe siecle (1846).