Sentence Examples

  • Another option is to run the darkest color across the lash line, increasing the thickness of the line at the outer corner, and then using that same dark color in the outer V, blending about two-thirds of the way into the inner corner.
  • Group V (very unfavorable for maintenance of sight): large tumors involving more than half of the retina, or vitreous seeding, in which small pieces of tumor are broken off and floating around the inside of the eye.
  • Vancouveria - V. hexandra is a most graceful and distinct plant, 10 to 18 inches high, with light fern-like leaves and slender spikes of pale flowers, and is a charming plant for the fernery and rock garden, best in peaty soil.
  • V. sambucifolia, with flowers white and borne in large umbelliferous heads in July, is among the more effective things for grouping in the mixed border, rising nearly 6 feet high and being considerably more than that across.
  • White Hellebore (Veratrum) - V. album is a handsome erect pyramidal perennial, 3 1/2 to 5 feet high, with large plaited leaves and yellowish-white flowers in dense spikes on the top of the stem, forming a large panicle.