Sentence Examples

  • Union with the unpleasant, separation from the pleasant, unsatisfied craving, are each a result of individuality.
  • Living protoplasm, or in other words a biogen molecule, is regarded as consisting of a central atom group (Leistungskern), related to which are numerous secondary atom groups or sidechains, with unsatisfied chemical affinities.
  • The French claims set up by the pillage of foreign shops in Mexico had, however, remained unsatisfied, 1837.
  • " The wicked blood of the Isles," the Macdonalds, descendants of island kings, now made alliance with England; Donald, eldest son of the Lord of the Isles, having an unsatisfied claim on the earldom of Ross, which Albany strove to keep in his own family.
  • Perhaps it was just Dean's unsatisfied Thursday night urge for female companionship, but he found he wanted very badly to see Cynthia Byrne.