Sentence Examples

  • It is generally accurate in f acts but written in an unsatisfactorily eulogistic vein.
  • At the same time the conditions of the city were not prosperous; its resources were strained by the sums paid to Charles and by the war; its credit was shaken, its trade paralysed, famine and plague visited the city, and the war to subjugate Pisa was proceeding unsatisfactorily.
  • The Hungarian Government could claim the right to take independent economic measures for her own territory in war-time; a joint arrangement was only possible for the territories of the Dual Monarchy - which were united for tariff purposes - by agreements between the Austrian and Hungarian Governments; and since neither Government was exclusively concerned to carry out an adjustment of economic conditions solely in accordance with what was necessary for waging war and holding out with the supplies at their disposal, but each had also to champion the interests of one half of the monarchy against the other, the negotiations between the two Governments were often attended with the greatest difficulties, and constantly ended unsatisfactorily.
  • Duty must be accepted as a given certainty, or it is vindicated - unsatisfactorily enough, perhaps - in the way just explained.
  • These limitations worked unsatisfactorily, and their removal or modification and the extension of the franchise were the principal changes effected in 1821.

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