Sentence Examples

  • 8), the distinctive badge of the wandering professional teacher of philosophy, and went about from place to place discussing the truths of Christianity in the hope of bringing educated Pagans, as he himself had been brought, through philosophy to Christ.
  • Allenlightenment tended to lead up to the truths of Christianity, and hence knowledge of every kind not evil was its handmaid.
  • Shams and delusions are esteemed for soundest truths, while reality is fabulous.
  • By his conscious recognition of the Greek philosophy as a preparation for the truths of the Christian religion, he appears as the first and most distinguished in the long list of those who have endeavoured to reconcile Christian with non-Christian culture.
  • In this process the conviction of the reconciliation of the sinner with God, of the salvation of the world and the individual through Christ, fell into the background before the vindication of supernatural truths intellectually conceived.