Sentence Examples

  • A conscientious man according to his lights, he took as his device the motto Pacluin serva, keep troth, which was afterwards inscribed on his tomb, and did his best to live up to it.
  • Peace between Albany and the wayward Rothesay was impossible, and Rothesay, by breaking troth with the daughter of the earl of March, and marrying a daughter of the third earl of Douglas, added a fresh feud to the general confusion.
  • On the summit of a fire-girt hill Sigurd found the Valkyrie Brunhild in an enchanted sleep, and ravished by her beauty awakened her; they plighted their troth to each other and, next morning, Sigurd left her to set out once more on his journey.
  • So Sigurd, assuming Gunnar's shape, rode through the flames on his magic horse, and in sign of troth exchanged rings with the Valkyrie, giving her the ring of Andvari.
  • But Brunhild was moody and suspicious, remembering her troth with Sigurd and believing that he alone could have accomplished the quest.