Sentence Examples

  • He has also himself suffered much from the inaccuracy of copyists.
  • The first volume was attacked in 1733 for unfairness and inaccuracy by Isaac Maddox, afterwards bishop of St Asaph and of Worcester, to whom Neal replied in a pamphlet, A Review of the principal facts objected to in the first volume of the History of the Puritans; and the remaining volumes by Zachary Grey (1688-1766), to whom the author made no reply.
  • In his histories proper the special motive for embellishment disappears, but the habit of inaccuracy remains.
  • They are called by the French (with their usual inaccuracy of pronunciation and spelling) "chotts"; the word should really be the Arabic shat, an Arab term for a broad canal, an estuary or lake.
  • 1887), the inaccuracy of which is clearly demonstrated by J.