Sentence Examples

  • For the first time all that pure, spiritual, inward travail through which she had lived appeared on the surface.
  • He was sent on a number of special scientific missions, among which may be mentioned one to England, on which he wrote a notable Memoire sur le travail des femmes et des enfants da p s les manufactures de l'Angleterre (1867).
  • The most important of Considerant's other writings were Exposition du systeme de Fourier (1845), Principes du socialisme (1847), Theorie du droit de propriete et du droit au travail (1848).
  • Zola also wrote a series of three romances on cities, Lourdes, Rome, Paris (1894-98), novels on the "gospels" of population (Fecondite) and work (Travail), a volume of plays, and several volumes of criticism, .and other things.
  • In all its varieties Burke's style is noble, earnest, deep-flowing, because his sentiment was lofty and fervid, and went with sincerity and ardent disciplined travail of judgment.