Sentence Examples

  • Especially feared among many peoples are the souls of those who have committed suicide or died a violent death; the woman who dies in childbed is held to become a demon of the most dangerous kind; even the unburied, as restless, dissatisfied spirits, are more feared than ordinary ghosts.
  • Under a different aspect, the pair were regarded as the guardians of women in childbed and of new-born children.
  • 9) mentions a curious custom: to protect a woman in childbed from possible violence on the part of Silvanus, the assistance of three deities was invoked - Intercidona (the hewer), Pilumnus (the pounder) and Deverra (the sweeper).
  • The marriage-goddess naturally became the protector of women in childbed, and bore the title of the birth-goddess (Eileithyia), at Argos and Athens.
  • His mother, dying in childbed, gave him the name Ben-oni, "Son of my sorrow," which was changed by his father to Benjamin, meaning probably "Son of the right hand" (i.e.