Thunder Definition

thundered, thundering, thunders
The sound that follows a flash of lightning, caused by the sudden heating and expansion of air by electrical discharge.
Webster's New World
Any loud, rumbling sound like this.
Webster's New World
A threatening, menacing, or extremely vehement utterance.
Webster's New World
A thunderbolt.
Webster's New World

An alarming or startling threat or denunciation.

thundered, thundering, thunders
To produce thunder.
Webster's New World
To say in a thundering voice.
Webster's New World
To strike, drive, etc. with the sound or violence of thunder.
Webster's New World
To make, or move with, a sound like thunder.
Webster's New World
To move while making a loud noise.
The express train thundered past us.
American Heritage
steal someone's thunder
  • to use someone's ideas or methods without permission and without giving credit
  • to lessen the effectiveness of someone's statement or action by using or doing it before that person
Webster's New World

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Origin of Thunder

  • From Old English þunor, from Proto-Germanic *þunraz, from *þen, from Proto-Indo-European *(s)tenhâ‚‚- (“to thunder"). Germanic cognates include West Frisian tonger, Dutch donder, German Donner. Other cognates include Persian تندر (tondar), Latin tonō.

    From Wiktionary

  • Middle English thonder from Old English thunor (s)tenə- in Indo-European roots

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition


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