Sentence Examples

  • As he drove along a dark stretch of road, weaving and struggling to stay in his lane of traffic, he felt a thud and shudder near the front of his sport utility vehicle.
  • As soon as the pastor opened his mouth our service wass interrupted by the loudest thud I've ever heard.
  • She brought the machete down with a dull thud, anchoring the blade in the log.
  • Talk was rarely heard in the ranks, and it ceased altogether every time the thud of a successful shot and the cry of "stretchers!" was heard.
  • And imitative sounds to represent the cat's mew, the click of a trigger, the clap or thud of a blow, &c. The total result of this combination of gesture and significant sound will be a general system of expression, imperfect but serviceable, and naturally intelligible to all mankind without distinction of race.