Sentence Examples

  • Earth movements are still taking place both along Bass Strait and the Great Valley of South Australia, and apparently along the whole length of tht southern coast of Australia.
  • But by far tht greatest profit the Italians reaped was the emancipation of theh burghs.
  • The surface layer of the root, sometimes included under tht term epidermis, is fundamentally different from the epidermis of the stem.
  • In the leaf-blade this sometimes aopears as a layer of thickened subepidermal cells, tht hypoderm, often also as subepidermal bundles of sclerenchymatou~ fibres, or as similar bundles extending right across the leaf from mu epidermis to the other and thus acting as struts.
  • Concerning tht five schools into which the NO is divided, their characteristics and their differencesthese are matters of interest to the initiated alone.