Sentence Examples

  • Face tattoos are also common choices for thug tattoos because they not only convey a message that the person disregards society's rules, but face tattoos are also known to be quite painful to get.
  • Script tattoos are common choices for everyone - not just thugs - but whether a lettering tattoo falls into the category of a thug tattoo has to do with the placement of the tattoo and the meaning behind the tattoo.
  • For example, a script tattoo that states "Seize the Day" may not necessarily be a thug tattoo, but place this tattoo on a neck and make the script elaborate, and then it could be considers a thug-style design.
  • Thug once solely meant someone who pushed other people around and engaged in criminal activity, but the term has evolved to evoke the image of someone who is tough or who has control over other people.
  • I blew apart the last thug that tried to get in here.