Through Definition

In one side and out the other side of; from end to end of.
Webster's New World
In the midst of.
Flying through the clouds.
Webster's New World
Hiking through the trees.
Webster's New World
By way of.
A train that goes through Boston.
Webster's New World
Over the entire extent or surface of.
Webster's New World
In one side and out the other; from end to end.
Webster's New World
From the beginning to the end.
Webster's New World
Completely to the end; to a conclusion.
To see something through.
Webster's New World
In every part or way; thoroughly; completely.
Soaked through.
Webster's New World
Over the total distance; all the way.
Drove through to their final destination.
American Heritage
Allowing continuous passage; unobstructed.
A through street.
American Heritage
Traveling to the destination without stops.
A through train.
Webster's New World
Extending from one place to another; allowing free passage.
A through street.
Webster's New World
Continuing on without making a stop.
Through traffic.
Webster's New World
Not necessitating changes; good for traveling without intermediate transfer.
A through ticket.
Webster's New World

A large slab of stone laid on a tomb.


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Origin of Through

  • From Middle English *thrugh, thruch, thruh, metathetic variants of Middle English thurgh, thurh, from Old English þorh, þurh, þerh, þærh (“through, for, during, by, by means of, by use of, because of, in consequence of"), from Proto-Germanic *þerh (“through"), *þurh, from Proto-Indo-European *ter- (“through, throughout, over"). Cognate with Scots throch (“through"), West Frisian troch (“through"), Dutch door (“through"), German durch (“through"), Gothic [script?] (þaírh, “through"), Latin trans (“across, over, through"), Albanian tërthor (“through, around"), Welsh tra (“through"). See also thorough.

    From Wiktionary

  • Middle English thurh, through from Old English thurh terə-2 in Indo-European roots

    From American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition

  • From Old English þrÅ«h

    From Wiktionary

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