Sentence Examples

  • No one likes to deal with a chronically autocratic, pain-in the-butt twit who thinks he orbits in a more rarefied atmosphere far above any of the sub-par creatures he's forced deal with, crawling thru the slime way down below.
  • The programs run from morning thru dinner time and feature such amenities as special kids shore excursions, special kids meals, a video arcade, a teen "disco," and theme evenings, such as a talent show and karaoke night.
  • Natural diamond color varies and the highest quality white diamonds should appear colorless or clear.The GIA color grading scale rates diamond color from D (no color) thru Z (rich colors / fancy colored diamonds).
  • The application has become integrated into Twitter, for example, allowing people to spread the link to their "Elf Yourself" video thru a single tweet that can go out and get passed along to all their friends.
  • Solar Tan Thru does not recommend overexposure to the sun, and states that burning through the swimsuit would likely only occur if there is an incident of prolonged exposure.