Sentence Examples

  • Newer machines have zipper and cording feet that make adding these embellishments easy, and even if you have an older machine, just refreshing your memory on the proper threading order and tension settings will make the job go easier.
  • However, as people are discovering that this is a proven, effective, cost-effective and quick way to shape and thin their eyebrows, threading is sure to become a more common practice across North America.
  • The ideal needles for needlepoint or tapestry needles have elongated eyes for ease of threading, blunt points so you don't hurt yourself, and tapered bodies that flow through the canvas more easily.
  • In addition to unique hair cuts and color, these unusual salons may also offer services such as eyebrow threading, pin curls and finger waves, henna tattoo art, or permanent cosmetic tattoos.
  • With threading, you'll get a very straight brow line and because of the methodical, precise process, it's less likely that you'll end up accidentally losing half of an eyebrow.