Sentence Examples

  • R-io) - the prototype of the " Magnificat " - a postexilic passage, " probably composed in celebration of some national success " (Driver), the present suitability of which rests upon the interpretation placed on verse 5.
  • The old-fashioned stereotyped flower garden that one met with almost everywhere is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, and grounds are now laid out more in accordance with their natural disposition, their climatic conditions and their suitability for certain kinds of plants.
  • Cooke's mounting is admirable for its symmetry and simplicity of design, its just apportioning of strength, and a general suitability of means to ends.
  • Smith) in the suitability of ib.
  • Soc. d'Encouragement, 1898, pp. 36-76), chiefly with the object of determining their suitability for the construction of permanent magnets.