Sentence Examples

  • He accomplished a successful campaign in 1868 against Bokhara, capturing Samarkand and gradually subjugating the whole country.
  • But the task of carrying out these threats fell to the lot of his successors; the work of the prophet was to be the subjugating and uniting of Arabia.
  • But no territorial power had as yet arisen in North Germany capable of subjugating and utilizing the towns, though it could detach the inland towns from the League.
  • Owing to its rivalry with the Caloprini family, whom it succeeded in subjugating by the end of the 10th century.
  • In 711-712 Mahommedan troops were conducted by Kotaiba, the governor of Khorasan, into the province of Khwarizm (Khiva), after subjugating which they advanced on Bokhara and Samarkand, the ancient Sogdiana, and are said to have even reached Ferghana and Kashgar, but no occupation then ensued.