Sentence Examples

  • - Gregory VII.'s immediate successors accomplished the most pressing work by liberating the Church from feudal subjection, either by force or by diplomacy.
  • It decomposes water at a red heat, liberating hydrogen and being itself converted into the hydrate.
  • By June 1824 the liberating army was completely organized; and taking the field soon after, it routed the vanguard of the enemy.
  • Stewart (elected to serve out term) Democrat1857-18611 Thus liberating about 114,000 blacks, of a tax valuation of $40,000,000.
  • This reconstruction of its meaning seems to have been the peculiar revelation of the Lord to Paul, who viewed Christ's crucifixion and death as an atoning sacrifice, liberating by its grace mankind from bonds of sin which the law, far from snapping, only made more sensible and grievous.