Sentence Examples

  • The skit could then be acted out in front of classmates to share the concept, or it could be shared with younger students as an instructional tool.
  • Week-long camps practice hard during the day and afternoon with specialized classes, but after dinner lends itself to a more casual atmosphere of goofy skit nights, passing spirit stick superstitions and other type activities.
  • Use the school's PA system, do a skit at lunch in the cafeteria, and even enlist the help of faculty to get the word out by having them dress up a week before announcing the days to come.
  • This was never more apparent than in New York City the other night when Babs and a George Bush impersonator put on a skit appearing to question our Commander in Chief's intelligence.
  • Andersson most recently finished his fourth tour with the band, which included a marathon 26 shows in 30 days and a much talked about skit on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.