Sentence Examples

  • For a more theatrical or vintage look, you may want to investigate Cosplay patterns at Cosplay, which has forums and advice on any number of wings, including how to create wings that move.
  • If you're not into Cosplay but you do like a powerful and sexy Halloween costume every year or every couple of years, you may still be interested in where to acquire your own pair or how to design your own.
  • To truly dress up like your favorite Naruto character for Halloween, cosplay events, or just for fun, the contact lenses are a must as they are often a big part of the characters' powers.
  • If you really want something perfect and fitted and are not good at sewing, look for someone who does Cosplay sewing and ask them if they will make the costume for you.
  • Whether for Cosplay, masquerade events, Halloween parties or for a lover's fantasy, the following adult accessories are worth the investment if you love role playing.