Sentence Examples

  • Snow shovels and stuff, too.
  • Where practicable steam shovels are employed, even when it is necessary to break up the material beforehand by blasting.
  • Steam shovels are not well adapted to deep excavation unless provision is made for the rapid handling of the cars when filled.
  • Bituminous coal, natural gas and oil abound in the vicinity; the river provides excellent water-power; the borough is a manufacturing centre of considerable importance, its products including iron and steel bridges, boilers, steam drills, carriages, saws, files, axes, shovels, wire netting, stoves, glass-ware, scales, chemicals, pottery, cork, decorative tile, bricks and typewriters.
  • Coal and iron ore abound in the vicinity, and the city, manufactures iron, steel, tin plate, electrical and telephone supplies, shovels, boilers, leather, flour, brick and tile, salt, furniture and several kinds of vehicles.