Sentence Examples

  • In a manner of speaking, but not the gold-digger bitch.
  • And the gold-digger, too.
  • Jenny-the-bitch-gold-digger-Radisson.
  • Thus, at Delphi there was an image of Aphrodite 6rtrupt31a (" Aphrodite of the tomb "), to which the dead were summoned to receive libations; the epithets ru,u i 3capvxos (" grave-digger "), µvxia (" goddess of the depths "), peXacv%s (" the dark one "), the grave of Ariadne-Aphrodite at Amathus, and the myth of Adonis, point in the same direction.
  • They are all called " Digger Indians " indiscriminately, although divided by a multiplicity of tongues.