Sentence Examples

  • Pie safes and food safes, which were meant to preserve food prior to the invention of refrigeration, were cupboards that often had punched tin inserts in the doors and sides to allow for air circulation, and for a pretty decoration.
  • They both give off heat, the stove is obvious and the refrigerator less so, remember the fridge has an electric motor to power the refrigeration unit and this blows out warm air from the bottom.
  • A gradual refrigeration proceeded through the Pliocene period.
  • To produce refrigeration the operation is reversed.
  • The city has a monument (1900) to John Gorrie (1803-1855), a physician who discovered the cold-air process of refrigeration in 1849 (and patented an ice-machine in 1850), as the result of experiments to lower the temperatures of fever patients.