Sentence Examples

  • She is less able to recall events of fifteen years ago than most of us are to recollect our childhood.
  • Great reforming ministers would do well to recollect that the success of even liberal measures may be dearly purchased by the resort to what are regarded as unconstitutional expedients.
  • Students of Tallquist's Maklu series of incantation or of the surpu series edited by Zimmern (in his Beitrage zur Kenntniss der Babylonischen Religion) will recollect the images over which the priest sorcerer recites his formulae.
  • He was always explaining why he did this or that, why the new was better than the old, and so on; and we must recollect that these were the first lessons of the kind the nation had ever received.
  • When we recollect the empiricist starting-point of science, it is curious to observe with what vehemence the average man of science now rejects free will.