Sentence Examples

  • The main chamber had been transformed into a centralized location for rallying warriors, supplies, and war planning.
  • This gave them not merely greater steadiness, but, what was far more important, the power of rallying and reforming for a second effort.
  • A huge car drawn by oxen, bearing the standard of the burgh, and carrying an altar with the host, this carroccio, like the ark of the Israelites, formed a rallying point in battle, and reminded the armed artisans that they had a city and a church to fight for.
  • His first achievement was the rallying of Cornwall to the royal cause, his next to carry the war from that county into Devonshire.
  • In battle the carroccio was surrounded by the bravest warriors in the army and it served both as a rallying-point and as the palladium of the city's honour; its capture by the enemy was regarded as an irretrievable defeat and humiliation.