Sentence Examples

  • Hence its frequent application in analysis as a disintegrating agent.
  • The disintegrating speculations of an influential school of criticism in Germany were making their way among English men of culture just about the time, as is usually the case, when the tide was turning against them in their own country.
  • Turning to the other problem, that of internal fusion and consolidation, we find that in 466, fourteen years after the fall of Aquileia, the population of the twelve lagoon townships met at Grado for the election of one tribune from each island for the better government of the separate communities, and above all to put an end to rivalries which had already begun to play a disintegrating part.
  • Greenland, but as they are unfossiliferous sandstone, rapidly disintegrating, this cannot be known.
  • Of Bohemia, and Ladislaus materially contributed to his utter overthrow at Durnkriit in 1278), neither of them was strong enough to make head against the disintegrating influences all around them.