Sentence Examples

  • The analytic method sought to express the moon's motion by integrating the differential equations of the dynamical theory.
  • Integrating the expression for an angle of wrapping 0, we obtain the relation log € Ti/T2= µ9, where T 1 and T2 are the end tensions.
  • A recording drum or integrating apparatus may be arranged on the pulley frames.
  • Integrating by parts, we find v i.
  • Thus the contribution to the total impulsive pressure exerted on the area dS in time dt from this cause is mu X udtdS X (11 3 m 3 /,r 3)e hm (u2+v2+w2 )dudvdw (I o) The total pressure exerted in bringing the centres of gravity of all the colliding molecules to rest normally to the boundary is obtained by first integrating this expression with respect to u, v, w, the limits being all values for which collisions are possible (namely from - co too for u, and from - oo to + oo for v and w), and then summing for all kinds of molecules in the gas.