Sentence Examples

  • The list was a scrolling queue of names.
  • Instead of the space port theming in the queue line, the narrow hallways have been painted with fluorescent paint and blacklit to provide a mild 3D effect, and riders can purchase 3D glasses if desired.
  • Wait times have recently improved, however, because of the "Fast Return" system, in which the next game in your queue is shipped out as soon as the postal service has scanned your return into their system.
  • Carnival tents, a tremendous Krusty-themed entrance, and extended clips and new ride-exclusive animation can be found throughout the queue and preshow areas to help guests feel like they are a part of Springfield.
  • It certainly is quite convenient to rent Serenity, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Shadow The Hedgehog and Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance all at the same time, from the same service, using the same queue.